We design training programmes according to your preferences. They are developed in consultation with the worker representatives, trade union coordinators and/or HR management. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the themes and wide ranging topics that we have developed over the years.


Our materials have been structured around four central objectives:

  • getting acquainted with the ‘rules of the game’ or the basics of European-level worker representation;
  • improving performance of the European body by learning how to use its rights in the most efficient way;
  • strengthening capacity to act at European level by considering specific topics that the EWC might want to handle;
  • enlarging the scope by exploring topics which may not belong to an EWC's core functions but which have a European dimension.

A training pathway for your EWC: The central themes can be seen as 'pathways' or stepping stones in the evolution of a European Works Council. They will allow your EWC to grow from a new and inexperienced group into a coherent and efficient body. You may prefer however to select indivdual topics and freely compose a training programme that corresponds to your needs. This is possible too. For example, you may need a reminder of an EWC's basic rights and duties, but you might at the same time want to explore a specific topic that is of particular interest to the situation of your company.

  • discovering the legal framework : the directives, the transposition law and company agreements
  • understanding the rights and competences
  • when is an issue transnational ?
  • how to (re)negotiate an agreement ?
  • what is the content of a good agreement ?
  • exploring the potential of European cooperation
  • who are the actors around the EWC ?
  • trade union support for European Works Councils
  • differences and similarities of worker representation systems in Europe



  • how to make your meetings more successful
  • evaluation of the EWC practice
  • linking the European and the national level
  • setting internal rules
  • competences of the Select Committee
  • organising the communication network
  • understanding and respecting cultural diversity
  • exchanging experiences with colleagues from other EWCs



  • a common interest for workers and employers : occupational health & safety
  • how to deal with confidentiality
  • anticipating change and addressing restructuring, including collective redundancies
  • how to manage internal conflicts and disputes about the functioning of the EWC
  • innovation : a threat or an opportunity for the company?
  • corporate social responsibility as a tool to improve working conditions around the globe


  • understanding multinational company strategies
  • introduction to the European institutions
  • scenario building : looking into the future
  • dealing with the financial data
  • the potential of global framework agreements
  • English/French for EWC members
  • the European framework on cross-border mergers
  • worker representation at board level









Did not find your preferred topic? Tell us about it. We will gladly develop a programme that best fits your expectations. The ETUI relies on a broad network of experts who can help us meet your needs.