Our partners

The ETUI is the research and education branch of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). Our training service therefore occupies a unique position in the centre of the European trade union movement. Moreover, we can not only count on the expertise available within the ETUI on many different topics such as multinational company strategies, corporate governance and psycho-social risks at work, we also cooperate on a regular basis with other expert organisations, academics and public authorities.


the ETUC

The ETUC unites 90 national trade union confederations and 10 European federations, altogether representing about 60 million workers from 39 countries. The ETUI is actively involved in all ETUC activities regarding worker participation and, in particular, the coordination of EWC-related matters.


the European Trade Union Federations

At the sectoral level, collective worker representation is in the hands of 10 European Trade Union Federations (ETUF) that are affiliated to the ETUC. Six of them are directly involved with establishing, coordinating and supporting EWCs and SE Works Councils. They are also responsible for appointing trade union coordinators, who in many cases are participating as permanent experts in the SNB and EWC meetings. The ETUI regularly organises seminars for EWC members and coordinators in cooperation with the European Federations. We are in close contact with the policy officers in charge of EWCs and coordinate priorities and initiatives with them.

Coordinates more than 600 EWCs in industrial sectors including metal, chemical, textile and mining.


Coordinates more than 250 EWCs in different services sectors, among which finance, commerce, graphical, ICTS, cleaning and security.


Coordinates about 100 EWCs in food, agriculture and tourism


Coordinates about 90 EWCs in the construction and foresting sector.


Coordinates more than 30 EWCs in the transport sector.


Coordinates about 30 EWCs in public sectors. .


the national trade union (con)federations

The ETUI also cooperates closely with the national and regional trade union confederations and sectoral federations. We can help with setting up training for their EWC representatives, offer support with materials or participate as guest speakers or trainers at local events. The work programme of ETUI Education also provides for the possibility of organising European level EWC seminars in cooperation with local trade unions.


other partners

For our tailor-made seminars we can rely on a comprehensive network of specialists from different countries, ranging from consultancy agencies over academic researchers to trade union related organisations. We have direct contacts at the European Commission and the European Parliament and with EWC practitioners from dozens of different sectors and companies. This allows us to always find the right expert, the best guest speaker and the most interesting input for your training.