In order to be able to respond to the ever increasing demand for training, the ETUI can count on the assistance of a multinational team of trainers who all have experience with adult education and working with multicultural groups.  They have excellent knowledge of transnational issues and many of them have practical experience with EWC or SE Works Council activities.

Our Network of European Works Council Trainers, or in short “the NET”, currently consists of 15 trainers, coming from Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Belgium Poland and Sweden.  They have all been chosen on the basis of their specific combination of skills including both hands-on practice of EWC activities either as a worker representative or trade union coordinator and pedagogical capacities.  Some of them are active members of a European Works Council or have been so until recently. Others are retired trade union officers, some are working for the education department of their local union and others are free-lance trainers.

The NET makes it possible to organise a team of trainers that best fits your needs, taking into account the active languages and topics on the programme.  Some trainers are specialised in organising communication networks, others have expert knowledge about corporate social responsibility or have particular experience with financial analysis.

All training materials are developed by the ETUI, in cooperation with the NET, thus making sure the same quality is guaranteed for all our seminars.  Pedagogical and topical workshops are organised regularly in order to keep our trainers up to date with recent developments, new educational tools and pedagogical techniques.

The NET in Berlin, February 2016