Expertise across the ETUI

Our trainings benefit from highly relevant expertise across the European Trade Union Institute

As the independent research and training centre of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the ETUI:

  • produces independent analysis and original research on issues related to the social dimension of Europe
  • runs education and training programmes for trade union members
  • facilitates and leads networks of experts in social policy related areas
  • organises topical public events (high-level conferences, monthly forums, debates)

This expertise is reflected in our training approaches. ETUI researchers and experts frequently attend our EWC and SE Works Council training seminars.

Our EWC and SE Works Council trainings benefit in particular from the ETUI's unique expertise in the fields of:

  • worker participation (EWC and SE works councils, board-level employee representation)
  • national industrial relations
  • European information, consultation and participation legal frameworks
  • corporate governance
  • occupational health & safety
  • economic trends & policies
  • European social dialogue

We are closely linked with the European worker participation competence centre